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11.08.2017 Beginn: 20 Uhr                            Mariahilferplatz

“HEAVY WEATHER”  in the spirit of Joe Zawinul




Per Mathisen, bass, Norway.


Gerald Preinfalk, saxophone, Austria.


Paul Urbanek, keyboards, Austria.


Mogyoró Kornél, percussion, Hungary.


Matheus Jardim, drums, Brasil


Der norwegische Bassist Per Mathisen hat zusammen mit Gerald Preinfalk dieses Ensemble hochkarätiger internationaler Musiker zusammengestellt, um den größten österreichischen Jazzmusiker Joe Zawinul zu huldigen. Sein Todestag jährt sich heuer zum 10. mal. Nichts liegt also näher, als seine unvergessliche Musik aus den

"Weather-Report" - Jahren wieder hoch leben zu lassen.

Die Kompositionen von "Black Market" bis hin zu "Merci, Merci" , Stücke von Jaco Pastorius werden ganz im Geiste dieser Zeit gefeiert. Gespickt wird diese Melange mit Kompositionen vom "Bass Viking" Per Mathisen, ebenfalls ganz im Stile seines Vorbildes Jaco.

Norwegian bassist extraordinaire, Per Mathisen, has brought together this wonderful international ensemble of fantastic musicians, to celebrate Joe Zawinul.

The band will perform some of Zawinul’s compositions, written for the most successful jazz band ever in the history of music, “Weather Report”, tunes composed by 2 of the most important members of the band, Jaco Pastorius and Wayne Shorter and in addition, some originals written in honour and in paying tribute to those giants, by the hand of Per Mathisen.

The concert is in the true spirit of Zawinul with amazingly virtuosic musicians making a firework of musical energy, dynamics and joy, celebrating his grand legacy to the world of music.

Per Mathisen, (aka. “The Bass Viking”) is one of Norway’s most in demand bass players, known as Norway’s answer to Jaco Pastorius on electric and to Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen on upright acoustic. Per has performed in 35 countries worldwide with some of the most famous jazz musicians on the planet and released as many as 11 highly acclaimed CD’s and 3 DVD’s as a leader, co leader and producer. His long time collaboration with “Weather Report” legend, drummer / percussionist, Alex Acuna, in the trio “Acuna / Hoff / Mathisen”, is world renowned and has resulted in two CD’s: “Jungle City” and “Barxeta” plus one DVD, “Live at the Drumchannel”.

Gerald Preinfalk, an incredible versatile sax player which has a fantastic double carrier in contemporary classical and as a jazz musician, recording artist with own CD releases. A true virtuoso!

Paul Urbanek, keyboard player that truly goes in the footsteps of Joe Zawinul, recording artist with own CD releases.

Kornél Mogyoró, the greatest percussion player to ever come out of Hungary. Played on countless albums and with all the great artists in his home country and many internationals.

Matheus Jardim, extreme young super Talent from Brazil, living in Vienna since two years has played with the finest musicians around. Jazz Prize in Poland, Vienna Philharmonix, Alegre Correa, etc.